Williams Photography has the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art camera room in Trumbull County.  What does this mean to you?   It simply means you will look totally awesome in your photographs.   With up to nine lights perfectly place around you,  and James’s 30 years experience of lighting and posing seniors, you are assured of photographs that will blow you away!  For the girls, our camera room even has professional wind machine to blow you hair just like it’s done at a glamour fashion shoot!   Call us at 330-847-0927 for an appointment to see our facility or book a session.            


Spend an entire eight hour day with James Williams, Certified, Master Craftsman Photographer and photographic author and lecturer.  For $200.00, you can have a private "hands on session" with James in his state-of-the-art camera room.  The subjects you want to cover will be entirely up to you!  Lighting, posing, camera function, flash, mixing flash with available light, cropping, studio lighting, whatever it is you want to be tailored to what you want to learn.  CALL TODAY FOR DETAILS...The Studio number is 330-847-0927.  You are just one phone call away from learning all you want to know about photography.  Learn more so you can EARN more.  Call today to schedule your private lesson.